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Greetings and Blessings to you.I would like to tell you that since I first became a Hypnotherapist and then A Stage Hypnotist , I have met a lot of hypnotist that first studied The Silva Method and then entered the field of Hypnotherapy, and many stage hypnotist also studied Silva, to my knowledge I am the only stage hynotist that starts by telling my committee on stage to find a comfortable position and raise your eyes to a 45 degree angle.
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I am from New Orleans and welcome any Silva Grads or potential students to contact me.
Leonard A. Johnson C Ht
aka: The Amazing Dr. Z
Everyone's Favorite Hypnotist

The Silva Method is designed to elevate the creative powers of your mind by the use of visualization and imagination, positive thinking and meditation.

Silva Method Courses consist of guided exercises, starting with teaching you how to put yourself in a relaxed, meditative state of conscious awareness, which we call the "alpha level."

With practice, you become more in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Each exercise leads you to greater awareness and an increased ability to focus your thoughts.

This newfound ability allows you to solve everyday problems, to gain a better perspective of your life, and manifest your desire, belief, and expectancy. You can achieve personal greatness.

The Silva Method is presented by Certified Silva Instructors in two separate weekend seminars — the Silva Life System and the Silva Intuition Training.

The Silva Method consists of two programs, giving you the passport to achieving your goals and the life of your dreams, easily and naturally. The careful, time-tested, tried and true, progressive learning process for developing ESP is what separates the Silva Method from any other program. The programs together contain the following techniques and more:

The Silva Life System

The Silva Life System consists of general self improvement, everyday intuition, and problem solving. With the use of guided meditation you will revitalize your behavior, have better sleep, less stress, improve your personal well-being, manage pain and headaches. In addition, you can change old beliefs and habits, and awaken your creative side. Read more about the Silva Life System>>

Silva Intuition Training

Silva Intuition Training is focused on developing and enhancing your ESP and intuition. Reconnect to your intuitive side and find your purpose in life while expanding your mind and beliefs. Learn to become connected with the world around you. In addition, you will recognize your personal mission in life and learn to use the creative power of your mind. Read more about the Silva Intuition Training>>

Benefits of the Silva Method:

  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Improve your memory
  • Change the way you think
  • Sleep better
  • Study better
  • Reduce headaches and physical pain
  • Control habits, such as smoking and weight control
  • Develop & expand intuition
  • Learn deep relaxation techniques
  • Access personal resources
  • Attract supportive relationships
  • Live a more abundant life
  • Practice healing imagery

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