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"Invest in yourself, your future, and your potential. You are worth every penny."

In the Bascic Lecture Series Life Changing Seminar You Will Learn:

  • Stress Control - Physical and Mental Relaxation for Your Better Health and Well Being.
  • Mental Housecleaning - Eliminate Destructive and Abusive Words (and People) From Your Life.
  • Sleep Control - When You Can’t Sleep This Amazing Technique Works Wonders!
  • Awake Control - Learn to Awaken Without an Alarm Clock Blasting Your Peace of Mind.
  • Dream Control - Master Your Dreams and Use Them to Solve Problems in Your Waking Life.
  • Headache Control - Occasional or Migraine Headaches Have Disappeared for Many Graduates.
  • Memory Pegs - Used to Enhance Visualization, Imagination & Clairvoyance, Using Your Mental Screen.
  • Three Fingers Technique - Enhance Retention While Studying. Recall On Demand a Speech, Lecture or Lesson. Make Test Taking Easier and Less Stressful - You Will Amaze Yourself!
  • Healing Technique - Pain Control and Bleeding Control. A Miracle in Life Threatening Situations.
  • Glass of Water Technique - Get Solutions to Problems When You Have No Idea What To Do Next!
  • Habit Control - Take Charge Eliminate Bad Habits and Create Good Habits. Start Today!
  • Mirror of the Mind - I Call This Technique - Manifest Your Miracles! It Really Works!
  • Laboratory & Counselors - Access Your Inner Kingdom. Your Counselors Assist You in Solving Problems For the Rest of Your Life!
  • How To Manifest Your Goals Quickly When You Step INTO the Scene!
  • That the Term ESP is Often Misrepresented. ESP is NOT an Extra Sense, Everyone Has It!
  • To Project Your Sense of Awareness ANYWHERE in the Universe.
  • Learn, Without a Doubt, That Your Mind is Very Powerful When You Are Able to See, Feel and Sense That You Can Affect Other Life Forms on This Planet Earth!

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The Ultra Healing Workshop

In the Silva Method 2-Day Ultra Healing Workshop you will learn: The Silva Holistic Faith Healing Techniques, how to use bio-feedback equipment to help you improve your functioning, how to use common tape player to correct health problems, a "Special" glass of water technique for healing, and techniques to program business situations, and other circumstances in your life.

The Ultra Workshop is presented by members of the Silva Family and several other of our most experienced instructors. You will learn how to use the Long Relaxation Exercise to teach your loved ones to find their ideal level of mind and use the Silva Method techniques. You will learn a different aspect of what the Silva method is all about. Go more deeply into the reality of a spiritual dimension, and how the spiritual affects the physical. This seminar deals with the role of the brain as a central fulcrum in balancing physical/spiritual energy. Jose Silva always believed we should have a healer in every home. Learn his techniques to heal yourself and your loved ones.

Please email me for tuition info on Silva Advanced Seminars

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Graduate (Past Life/Age Regression) Worshop

The Graduate (Age Regression) Seminar takes you into your deepest inner self. Live and re-live past lives or childhood scenes. Use the new techniques you will learn to re-work those outcomes from your past that are sabotaging your happiness today, creating limiting beliefs that you haven't been able to get past. Imagine a childhood of happiness and love and bring it into reality in your life now. These intense two-day workshops will open doors in your subconscious mind that will amaze and excite you. You will be inspired to dig deeper into the layers of your own divine self. Uncover your spirit and awaken the joy in your heart!

Please email me for tuition info on Silva Advanced Seminars

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The Silva Method. Helping Humanity Get Better and Better Since 1966.

Benefits To YOU: Each Silva Course tuition includes:

  • a detailed Instruction Manual, specific to that course
  • Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing)
  • Repeaters ID that allows you to repeat that same course tuition free* for the rest of your life, with any instructor in the WORLD where that same course is being presented!

*GRADUATES *reserve your seat in advance for the Basic Lecture Series,  most instructors ask a $50 per day seating fee to help with expenses.



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