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  • Esther Seymour Vogenitz
    (386) 717-4022
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    Certified Silva Method Instructor since 1995
  • Trained Certified Healer Silva International Ecumenical Society 1996
  • Winner of 2 Silva Instructor Awards
  • Certified Silva Success Coach
  • Trained since 1989 under Jose Silva and many of the original Silva family and many world famous Silva instructors.

I first heard about the Silva Method at a Louise Hay - Heal Your Life workshop in Chicago in 1987. I found a tape by Hans DeJohng and played it over & over again until I finally found an introductory lecture in Chicago held by Jim Campbell in 1989. I was so excited about the KNOWLEDGE that he was sharing that I signed up immediately, although I didn't know where I would get the money.

Well, my ex-husband gave me the $550.00 for the course as a Christmas gift because I wouldn't stop talking about The Silva Method! Then came the day I took the first class and I knew then that I would teach this. I even have my original receipts for the BLS, and Ultra given by Jose and the Gradute given by Ken Coscia and I think every handout I ever got in a Silva class.

What a FANTASTIC J-O-B! I have since made so many wonderful and forward changes in my life using the Silva Method. Even today I still look forward to the next step! And my life is STILL getting better and better every day. I met my soulmate, of course he is a Silva Grad from 1972, We married June 18, 2005.

Also, a business owner all my life.

It's only you who can change your life for the better.
The Silva Method gives you the tools to do it.

Jose Silva - Our Founder

Jose Silva began researching what has become known as "The Silva Method" in 1944. Since then over a half-dozen courses or seminars have been developed which expound his findings. In the 1940's and 1950's, Jose Silva was working primarily with children, often his own.

Between 1953 and 1963 the method was improved and thirty-nine clairvoyants were trained. Dr. Joseph B. Rhine described Jose Silva as having found a new clairvoyant, rather than having trained a person to become clairvoyant.

From 1963 to 1966, Jose Silva began training people in groups of 20 at a time and perfected his methodology for use in a classroom setting. It was also during this period that Jose offered all of his research and findings to his country via a letter to then President Lyndon B. Johnson. Jose Silva went public in 1966 with the first class of 70 art students in Amarillo, Texas, which continues to this day.

Since 1966, Jose has introduced the many new seminars and trainings as he saw a need for them. He taught some and others were taught by his closest confidants. The Silva Method refers to all of them, jointly and singly, as facets of a diamond. A complete Silva education includes them all, taken many times over.

*Learn more about THE SILVA METHOD at the library or your favorite bookstore. "The Silva Mind Control Method" by Jose Silva, is the first book written about the techniques you will learn when you attend this class.

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Esther Seymour Vogenitz
Certified Lecturer • Certified Silva Method Instructor since 1995

The Villages of Central Florida 32162

Cell: (386) 717-4022 - Talk or Text

"Let the rest of your life be the best of your life!"
Have a better and better day the Silva Method way.