Learn to use more of Your mind...and use it in a better way!

"Control your mind or someone else will!"

Silva Method students report behavior control and changes ranging from:

    • stop smoking
    • relieving nervousness
    • memorizing long lists
    • improving creativity
    • waking up without clocks
    • falling asleep without drugs.

Sophisticated reports include students developing ESP and using dreams to solve problems or get information.

The Silva Method offers
The Original Basic Lecture Series 4 day workshop
as taught by the founder Jose Silva since 1966:

Also Available 2 & 3 day Advanced Workshop for Graduates

The Ultra (Healing) Seminar
You will learn: The Silva Holistic Faith Healing Techniques... READ MORE>>

The Graduate (Past Life/Age Regression) Workshop
Takes you into your deepest inner self. Live and re-live past lives or childhood scenes... READ MORE>>


It has been said that Albert Einstein used only 10% of his mind, and that the general public uses only 3% - 4%.
That is what the Silva Method is all about, learning to use more of your mind.

"Make the rest of your life be the best of your life!"
Have a better and better day the Silva Method way.
  • I will travel to do private classes for your family or business!
  • Gift Certificates are available for your loved ones.
  • GRADS! - If you plan to bring someone new, call Esther at 1-386-717-4022 talk/text
  • You will not want to miss the next Silva Method Seminar.

Friends, Partners and Family members can take the same class that changed your life.



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Offering Silva Method Seminars in The Villages of Central Florida.
Discounts available for your family, group, Church or business. If you are a coordinator contact me for a terrific fundraising income!

Esther Seymour Vogenitz
Certified Lecturer • Certified Silva Method Instructor since 1995

The Villages of Central Florida 32162

Cell: (386) 717-4022 - Talk or Text

"Let the rest of your life be the best of your life!"
Have a better and better day the Silva Method way.